Singing Bowl Session With Olan Rogers by Brian Green

I am happy to launch the start of this new series, The first session is recorded with Olan Rogers, We went to a ally and recorded after a photo shoot he came to Boston to do with me. 

Basically the series is going to be a collective album made up of singing bowl sessions done with friends and acquaintances and even complete strangers willing to be a part of the album. 

If we cross paths and you would like to be a part of this please get in touch.  

I will be in Boston until the 28th of this month if anyone here wants to be a part of this.

Meditation Session 29 by Brian Green

I uploaded session 29 in my meditation series to Youtube tonight.

I will more than likely fit in at least two more sessions before the end of the year but the more i am able to do and put out the better.

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about these sessions and it means a lot.

Next year i hope to purchase more bowls and or work with bowl companies to further what i am doing with the meditation work.