Foreign Exchange by Brian Green

So about a year ago I posted a video wanting to do this project but never pushed the idea much and would really like to do this now that I am in a better position to make zines.  

So basically the idea is you shoot a roll of 35mm film of whatever and rewind it, If you are shooting a slr camera and can not rewind it all the way leave the tab sticking out, if you are using a point and shoot and it auto rewinds Ill just get a film catcher so dont worry. 

After you shoot the roll you mail the roll to me and i will take it and double expose over it and as long as i have enough submissions I will take 1 or 2 of my favorites from each roll depending on how many people participate and do a little zine out of it. 

If you have interest in this project please get in touch with me via email.

ps. Also if you want you can mail a few bucks with the roll to help with processing cost but its not a must ill get them developed when I can.

Nomad Zine by Brian Green

Since November of 2012 I have not been able to stay in one place for longer than a month or so. This zine is a small look into my travels and moments I encountered while traveling. It includes interactions with cops, homeless people and a few moments with dead bodies. 

Click Here To Purchase: 

Limited Edition Of: 30

I plan to start doing more of these when i go on my little adventures.

Street Moments From Orlando by Brian Green

I was staying down in Orlando Florida for the month of May and I was more active going out and doing my street work. Here is some of the work I shot while staying down there.  Its a shame out of anywhere I shoot i have the most negative run-ins in Florida, Face it people/police if im in a public space your at the will of my camera. 

Click Here : And watch some footage of the guy in the first photo trying to intimidate me into deleting my memory card.  

Shoot With Tasha Otte In Akron, Ohio by Brian Green

Me and my buddy Keith left my place around 1am this morning and headed up to Akron, Ohio to shoot the lovely Tasha Otte in a little motel room. I brought some instax and various expired 35mm with me as well as a dslr to shoot some video. Below is some footage and photos taken along the trip.

Start Of Orlando Day Two / Update by Brian Green

I went to bed last night around 1am and woke back up around 6am this morning. So due to not being able to sleep i have decided to be productive i am working on this site finally working on new sections for upcoming things such as zines and skethces i have been working on. I will hopefully be doing a zine today with Hope pretty much just filled with randomness that we find throughout the day.

If all goes as planned as of Jan 2013 i will be doing art full time, so fingers crossed and ether way expect a lot more work before that as well.

Time to load some 15 year old film and start the day,