brian green

Vacation by Brian Green

I will be leaving for the beach on the morning so my video post will be on hold till then, no worries tho I will be recording a lot of video and sound while on my trip so expect a lot more when I get back.

Some other things that I will be doing when I get back will be posting all my artist copies of tapes I have releases with other labels so some more people can buy the sold out stuff since I won't be doing shows any time soon(at least a great deal of them) there I no reason to not sell them.

I will also be working on a new meditation video as well as all these new tapes that are in the works.

The new shades of waves tape will be released next weekend as well.

Hi, Hello. by Brian Green

I wanted to take the time to say hello to any new people or previous followers of my work, I decided to swich back to here insted of using my tumblr as this feels more personal, I will also not be blogging as heavily as i used to be in hopes to release more work and not just little daily bits, I will however be making more video clips so you can check out my youtube if you would like to follow those.

This site will now be used to showcase all the work im doing as a artist, whatever that may be.

Also i have started a project that i am 1/2 of called Shades Of Waves, The project is me and my buddy Mitchell, You can check out our most recent release here.

Anyway enough words for now and i hope you enjoy what is to come.

Boston Recording Adventure by Brian Green

Me and sierra finally go out of bed today and went around various parts of Boston recording sounds for some upcoming tape work. Here is some photos and videos from the day.

Here is a clip of wind blowing through reeds,