double exposure

Foreign Exchange by Brian Green

So about a year ago I posted a video wanting to do this project but never pushed the idea much and would really like to do this now that I am in a better position to make zines.  

So basically the idea is you shoot a roll of 35mm film of whatever and rewind it, If you are shooting a slr camera and can not rewind it all the way leave the tab sticking out, if you are using a point and shoot and it auto rewinds Ill just get a film catcher so dont worry. 

After you shoot the roll you mail the roll to me and i will take it and double expose over it and as long as i have enough submissions I will take 1 or 2 of my favorites from each roll depending on how many people participate and do a little zine out of it. 

If you have interest in this project please get in touch with me via email.

ps. Also if you want you can mail a few bucks with the roll to help with processing cost but its not a must ill get them developed when I can.