Getting Ready To Hit The Road by Brian Green

Me and Casey are getting our film together and packed in a bag for our road trip we leave for on Thursday night, we are heading down south to visit a few places. We will be making a little limited zine with pictures taken during the trip and that will be out after we get back. 

If you would like to see pictures during the trip check out our Instagrams at: 

@meyouanddoom & @kseahess

I might record some video along the way as well so be on the look for a little video in the future as well. Thanks for checking things out. 

Double Exposure Twigs Shirt by Brian Green


I have never been a big fan of all the graphic shirts out now days as i always tend to like more abstract work, So i figured i would take some time and make something id like to wear today. I shot a double exposure photo using a Hasselblad 500cm onto Fuji pack film. Here is what i think the shirt will look like. If this turns out well i might start doing limited runs of abstract stuff on shirts for those interested.

Shooting Fuji 3000b Film W/ Hope by Brian Green

Hope flew up this morning from Florida so we started the morning shooting some Fuji film in my backyard. Here is some footage and photos that we took.

Shooting In North Carolina by Brian Green

I had a fun 6 hour round trip drive today to shoot a model in the back woods of North Carolina. We started out on a cliff side and then worked out way to the middle of a decent size creek. I did this shoot with a Mamiya Rb67 & a Polaroid Colorpack both of which i was shooting Fuji fp-100c pack film in.