Meditation Session 149 by Brian Green

I am working on a few of these sessions today to have them upload over the days while I am driving down south so you guys will have some stuff to listen to. With all of this moving it has been hard to keep up with this blog but I plan on doing a better job with it now.  Here is session 149 I recorded it this morning when I woke up from a nap.  

Session 100-126 by Brian Green

I uploaded 26 session from the second part of the meditation series so that they can be downloaded, as always you can download for free but donations are greatly appreciated as i survive off my work, But i understand not always being able to pay and you should still be able to enjoy them so thank you ether way.

Untitled Fragments by Brian Green

I have been really busy this past week so i havent had a chance to post like i would so here is a big post , I finally got around to launching Untitled Fragments, The intro video is below.

Also i finished meditation session 18, which can be listened to here.

A lot more is on the way, I am making a few new pages for the site and working on a lot of different mediums at the moment.
I am going to quit my day job in about a month and will be doing this full time so i will be very busy until then.