sound art

Milltown Cassette by Brian Green

Around 2009 i started going to a old mill that had been shut down in 75' to take field recordings on a regular basis, I had collected them for and sat on most of them until this year when i decided it would be fun to use them in a tape that would later be called Milltown.

The sounds collected are anything from natural ambience to using parts of the mill almost as a instrument. In this video you see me recording the turning of gears in a electrical box. Most of the recordings for this project were taken with a little zoom H4 handheld recorder.

Above you can see some footage of various parts of the mill i took video of back when i was recording.

Below you can see the finished cassette with hand hammered pine case. It is a limited edition run of 50 so get it while you can. Pick of a copy from A Giant Fern.

The Start Of A New Shades Of Waves Record by Brian Green

This is the start of the fourth installment to the project. This release will be done on a 7" record.

In the second week of Jun Mitchell took a two week trip to LA and Portland and along his adventures he recorded some videos of some sounds using his I-phone for us to process. In this video you have a chance to hear the sounds and what is done with them.

You can always check out everything at

The Past Few Days by Brian Green

I have really been slacking these past few days on the blog so here is what i have neglected.

Here is some footage that gives you a little look into a new tape i am working on that i hope to be released in the next month or so if all goes well. It is made up from 3 sounds each only 1-2 seconds long.

I sat down and recorded some sounds using a tape recorder that had the eraser head ripped out so you can record over and over on top of each later and then processed it.

Sat down with my 40h last night and made some slow and drifting sounds to end the night with. Maybe i will work this stuff into a longer piece for a release down the road or it might be used as a back layer in the upcoming shades of waves.

12/01/12 by Brian Green

Yesterday i worked on some sound stuff and video stuff while i was out and about, Nothing bit but just a little minimal thing.

I will try to do more this week, I just realized last night that my friend Clay who used to run a label that ive released on called HandrolledGold lives right up the road from where im at in Florida so we will be taking a trip down to Miami tuesday for some photo adventures. Maybe i will do some field recordings while there.

Mitchell Davis x Shades Of Waves Weekend by Brian Green

My buddy Mitchell and other half of my music project shades of waves flew out this weekend to hangout and do some photo stuff and work on our new music release. Here is some footage taken over the weekend, the photos and the finished music release.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Editions To Come by Brian Green

I have been working a lot of tapes for the rest of this years limited runs.

For those interested in picking up some of my tapes, I have a few that are not yet sold out.

Also here is a new meditation session that i wrote the other day.

Tides by Brian Green

I have been at the beach for the past few days getting recordings to make my new tape and it is finally done. The tape is a limted to 10 c30 release. Once its gone its gone so check it out below and if you like it please support the work I am doing.